Facebook Story Response

This is about a highschool student named Nicole Daniels and about how she doesn’t like the idea of teachers looking at her facebook page to see who she hangs out with on friday nights. She quoted “There are some things that a teacher just shouldn’t see”

She is an executive member of the York Catholic District School Board Student Senete. Most students that she serveyed thought it was inappropriate that students find teachers on facebook. Although, there were some students who liked the idea. Some found it a convinient way to get messages from a teacher about a project. Some people also found that it made them feel safer from cyber bullying.

It ended off with the a quote “It’s not the future, it’s now,” Marco said. “Social media is the present of education.”

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Halloween Cat Animation

Today in class, we began making our story board come to life. My story board is simply about a halloween cat finding a pumpkin. It’s curious about the pumpkin, and goes to touch it. As the cat touches the pumpkin, the smily face on the pumpkin becomes a sad face. The cat gets scared and jumps. After the cat jumps it runs away. When it’s gone, the pumpkin makes a sad face. My difficulties so far, have been animating the cat’s tail and making it’s body parts, so it looks semi realistic.

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Motorcycle Man: Part 1

If you would like to make a “motorcycle man” then there are a few steps you need to take to get there. After you’ve drawn out your man and motorcycle on different layers, you need to make your man walk to the motorcycle. You’ll need to make a fourth layer and call it “rider”.  (First you need to make your motorcycle and man into a symbol so you can animate it.) Then, you need to put the motorcycle in the final possition, where the man stops walking, on frame 20. A double image will appear and that is called onion  skinning, where you can see through to another frame. You then need to enable these and call it sliders. You then need to make him sit on the motorcycle.  Call it “rider” layer.

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How to Make a Motion Guide

In order to make a motion guide, there are a few steps to get there. You start out by right clicking on the “graphic lable” and select “add motion guide”

A new layer will appear on the graphic layer. Then, draw the path for the object using the pencil tool.  Select frame 20  and press “F6” to insert frames. Now, go to frame one of graphic layer.

Now you can drag your fram from the beginning of your line, to the end of the line. Now, you go to frame 20 and press “F6” to insert a new key fram and drag the symbol to the other end of the line.

You can now select any frame between 1 and 20 of the graphic layer. Right click and select motion tweem from the menue.

When you’re done, press Ctrl+Enter to see your work.

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Gang Rape Photos on Facebook

Recently, the RCM has been investigating a party where a gang rape was reported.

Early Saturday morning, a young man was a arrested, for being part of what was described as sexual assult. Police haven’t released where the party took place, but they on Sep. 10 it was at a private residence, and was attended by many youth.

A 16 year old and an 18 year old have been arrested and they could face child pornography charges. While police have been considering the charges, both young men have been released.

“We respect the courage that it took for these two young adults to come forward under extreme pressure,” said Theissen.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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